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Localized location based services framework.

Updated maps by local staff from your community to match map frequent changes equiped by location services.

Doroob Platform
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Location-based services and products.



User friendly navigation experience build specifically to support frequent road network changes.


Local Maps

We draw maps, aggregate maps and let users contribute. We provide a map exactly looks like local areas.



Search places and road names as used to know them, even in the local accent!



Companies, international agencies and developers can benefit and integrate our services.

Free navigation app

Start your
Trip now

Localized, Simple and crowdsourced navigation app for your city!

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Road Buddy

Navigation with
live updates

Keep updated on the road events, select trip mode, and enjoy trip with voice instructions!

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Places & Favorites

Add to map,
save to list

Users can add places and landmarks to the map to be shared to public, and build their own favorite list!

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Events & Updates

Roads updates,
daily updated

Share roads netwoek to other users, get confirmed, and get notified for the roads updates near your!

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Doroob Platform

Roads, Places & Events !

Roads network built by expereinced engineers and modified by hundreds of contributors. Falavored with landmarks provided by users in addition to road events from doroob reporters!.

Modernistic Design

User-Firendly Interface, all your need at your fingertip.

Circle Menu

All options in One-Touch. Navigate, Share, and add Place or Favorite

Localized Experiance

Search for places by their names and local names.


Be a contributer, add places, share locations, and easily contibute to road network.


Proudly offers a wide range of location-based services and products.

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Tracking & Manage
Maps & APIs
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